You are applying for the position: Marketing and Social Media Specialist
1. Your first name:
2. Your last name:
3. Your e-mail address:
4. I am currently (choose all that apply):
 working full-time
 working part-time
 not working
 studying full-time
 studying part-time
 not studying
5. If you are still studying, what is your anticipated graduation date?
6. When would you be available to start work if selected?
7. I am available to work:
 Full-time (8 hours a day)
 Part-time (4 hours a day)
8. Do you currently perform any freelance tutoring or translation?
 Prefer not to answer
9. Are you planning on going back to school in the near future?
 I don't know yet
10. Do you have a quiet place to work at home?
11. Do you have a personal computer (a laptop or a desktop)?
 Planning to purchase one
12. Have you worked or studied in an English-speaking country? (Preferred)
13. If yes, what country did you work / study at and for how long?
14. Please, briefly describe why you would like to work with V&A.
15. Please tell us where you found an ad for this job.
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