• Improved work-life balance. Due to zero commute time and work start set for 3 PM local time, employees can devote more time to their families in the first part of the day.

• Improved professional development and healthy lifestyle. Employees who do not have family obligations can invest the time they save on daily commutes into their professional development and health. 50% coverage of employees’ gym fee is one of the benefits offered by V&A.

• Minimal stress level. Remote workers on average experience much less tension and stress at work and enjoy the comforts of their own home and work station.

• Fewer distractions. The freedom in setting up your own work station eliminates any possible discomforts and cubicle distractions. Remote employees on average note that their ability to concentrate on tasks is much higher in their home offices.

• Improved skills in using technology. Remote employees learn to use a plethora of new technologies that facilitate team collaboration. Due to the absence of inter-personal factors, communicating about the tasks happens more quickly and efficiently.

• Flexibility in attending to personal errands. Ukrainian V&A Employees start work at 3 PM local time which gives them an opportunity to run personal errands or attend to unexpected incidents any day of the week without worrying about absence from work.

• Possibility to work from other location when traveling. Remote employees are not bound to any physical location, therefore they can work from basically anywhere in the world, as long as they have the two things required: a laptop and a broadband internet connection.