Employees' Testimonials

Xenia Jones, Sourcer:

I have joined the Company in August 2016 with no experience in recruiting field. But they have coached me and helped to start sourcing experience with a confidence. Experience I get here now is very modern – this work has made a significant contribution to my personal development, as I have to cover now a lot of new information for me and absorb it immediately. This is a very competitive place, where we always have new tasks and challenges upcoming. It makes you stay active, fresh minded, enthusiastic and striving to new knowledge. But it isn’t only about new knowledge. The main benefit comes from receiving an experience working with foreigners.


Ellen Townsend, Sourcer:

Робота в Vitaver стала для мене ідеальним варіантом, оскільки моїми основними критеріями при пошуку роботи були:

a) Щоб робота була пов’язана з Інформаційними Технологіями, оскільки я маю вищу освіту в цій сфері;
b) Щоб була практика англійської, так як я маю кількаразовий досвід роботи в США по програмі Work & Travel і мені не хотілося втрачати навики і досвід який я отримала там;
c) І я завжди знала, що хочу роботу яка давала би можливість заробляти не виходячи з дому, оскільки це дуже зручно, коли тобі не потрібно витрачати час на одягання, дорогу на роботу, дорогу додому і т.д.

Все це, і навіть більше, я знайшла тут, в Vitaver. Працювати в дружньому коллективі професіоналів дуже мотивує вдосконалюватися, тобі завжди прийдуть на допомогу, якщо є якісь питання, підкажуть, навчать. І, навіть, вечірній графік роботи виявися дуже зручним, оскільки в першій половині дня можна вирішити всі питання, чи то візити до лікаря, чи то вирішення якихось питань з комунальними структурами, чи можливість займатися в спортзалі, коли немає великої кількості людей, і, навіть, добряче виспатися, якщо ніяких справ зранку немає.

Моя освіта, звичайно, дуже допомогла в роботі, але, на мою думку, щоб досягти тут успіху, головне бажання навчатися, ставити перед собою цілі кожного дня і досягати їх. Тут безліч напрямків, де можна себе розвивати і вдосконалювати.


Iris Kobs, Sourcer:

Before joining Vitaver, I had no idea about possibility of remote work and being able to manage your own work and productivity. I joined Vitaver with a strong background in large multinational companies, that had limited flexibility there and very strong and imposing corporate, office culture as well.

So my work at Vitaver is a nice change from that kind of environment and a new experience to embrace. I like the fact that Vitaver provides enough opportunities and gives you freedom to take as many of those opportunities as you can or wish, does not limit your growth potential and gives a chance to decide yourself what kind of salary you want to aspire to and potentially get.

Surprisingly for a remote position, Vitaver managed to organize substantial psychological bonding among employees which is naturally required for most humans to work efficiently having a feeling of being part of the team. The corporate meetings are definitely a useful and efficient tool and the environment during them is very welcoming.

I am really excited to have found this kind of job and it keeps surprising me more and more, with great opportunities, great people and challenging new tasks every day!


Andrew Zanter, Proposal Coordinator:

Дорогі друзі, ось уже 1 рік і 7 місяців я отримую задоволення від своєї роботи в компанії Vitaver & Associates, Inc. З самого початку, з моменту проходження навчання у компанії, я усвідомив, що приєднався до команди відповідальних і надійних професіоналів. В процесі роботи я взаємодію з працьовитими, інтелігентними, життєрадісними і позитивними людьми!

Компанія пропонує чудові можливості для професійного росту! Залишається лише проявити цілеспрямованість і направити ваші амбіції в потрібне русло!


Alex Lawrence, Sr. Staff Recruiter:

I've been working with the Company for 2 month now. I'm currently passing a recruiting training program and hopefully soon will be promoted to a Recruiter position. I worked as a Recruiter in my previous job, dealt with cold calling and have both economic and linguistic educational background. But experience that I'm getting here right now is very modern and incomparable in many ways. The Company makes a contribution to your growth both as a personality and a professional because with our growth the Company succeeds. Here I can be a totally result-oriented professional because I can see the Company's success as a result of my professional and personal development.

The team is amazing. I don’t feel sitting in reserved environment doing "some stuff." I work with highly motivated people who perform the job at their very best. And that is what motivates me to do excellent work too. We always interact, interchange information and help each other in difficult situations. The collaboration is great here!!!

Irina Khorina, AP:

It’s really comfortable and there are quite a few advantages of working from home; you don’t have to dress up and take a bus to work; another positive thing is that no one is disrupting you, no one is asking you to go have a coffee or a cigarette, so you can concentrate better when you have your quiet small home office. Company management is on a really high level, and you never feel alone or insecure; you always have a team member to ask advice from and you will always receive feedback. You never work on your own: you always talk to Clients and you always feel quite busy.

I always have tasks and feedback from the management. During performance evaluation you’re always notified of your areas for improvement, not your weak areas, and you’re always working on improving as a professional and a person in general. You’re improving in the way you communicate to people; it’s really interesting and exciting to work with foreigners and have access to a different cultural mentality. When I joined V&A, I was finishing my master’s degree in Economics. Once in 6 months or so, my colleague and I change roles so we both know the two sides of accounting – accounts receivables and payables. I’ve been working with V&A for 2.5 years now and I see my personal growth because we’re motivated here in V&A to always go farther.

Tim Chirkov, Sr. Staff Recruiter / Client Services Manager:

I came to V&A with a master’s degree in Finance and Accounting and experience in various internships and exchange programs in the U.S. First of all, I really enjoy working remotely, and you need to have the right type of personality for this: if you can manage your time effectively, you enjoy flexibility in terms of environment and you can supervise yourself well, you will definitely benefit from this schedule. I’ve been here for 3.5 years and I really enjoy my schedule: I have enough time to have fun, to go to the gym, and to devote time to my favorite activities. This job is also beneficial for people who like to travel, and many of our team members used this chance in the past. It’s always fun to hear the travel stories from our coworkers, and so far none of our employees was denied a visa. This year I visited China for my vacation and also worked briefly from there.

I enjoy the atmosphere within the company, the team spirit that we have, and our all-staff meetings. It’s always fun to meet new people, and we have a very young and motivated team. At V&A, we do not have that strict corporate environment where people are trying to hide their emotions and personalities. The company is always working to keep the best people on board.

For me this job was a great chance to learn about American business culture, and I’m still here because we are working on so many different positions. Today you’re searching for a Java Developer, tomorrow – for an Engineer who’ll build bridges. And it’s always great to know what’s going on in the industry (IT and business world). It’s also a great opportunity for everyone to improve their English and communication skills which will be helpful in anything we do in the future. Anyone who is willing to work hard will be very well-compensated in terms of commission.

The main skills one would need to be a Recruiter, I would say, are to have common sense, be smart, have logical thinking and be a good problem-solver. In this position, I developed communication skills and now know a lot more about IT skills and U.S. business ethics. We always have information on the latest trends in the IT industry and on what’s going on in the major companies like Apple, Oracle, IBM.

Inna Sunny, Staff Recruiter:

So far, my experience with V&A has been very positive, inspiring and motivating. I have a background in linguistics, so for me IT was a huge challenge, and here people actually believed in me and I believed in myself. We are a very strong team even though we work in different places. The managers are supportive and motivating; people are really inventive and full of ideas all the time. You don’t stay in one place; you develop all the time, and I believe it’s extremely important to each and every person.

I also love working from home because I have experience working in an office and remember all the negative influence of it. I started working with V&A in November 2011 as a Junior Recruiter, and am a Recruiter now. In these roles, I developed my persistence and communication skills (especially working on the phone); sales, persuasion and negotiation skills; I also learned to multitask effectively and now have a pretty strong knowledge of IT, as least of what is needed for a recruiter’s job.

Melanie Jones, Sourcer:

I’ve just graduated from the university and I’ve worked throughout my university years, but this is bigger than I expected. This is a great experience, and I’m really happy to be a part of V&A team. The process of searching for candidates is interesting for me because I can develop different skills (like analytical skills).

I learn something new every day. I like that I’m developing a “Google habit” – to google everything I don’t know. There’s self-development and self-improvement all the time here. The thing I like most about the searching process is getting search results after you’ve had difficulties either with a search string or with results / resumes.

Tanya Michael, Proposal Coordinator:

I joined V&A in June 2012 as a Proposal Coordinator. In this role, I research RFP databases and assemble proposals to bid for IT jobs with government agencies. V&A’s operations are nationwide, with a strong focus on Florida, and we also conduct active research on expanding our business operations in a few other specific states. I also administer our online learning management system to ensure a smooth and efficient on-boarding process for the new hires in Ukraine and the U.S. I joined V&A with a background in teaching first-year composition (English academic writing) both in the U.S. university classrooms and online. In this position I rely strongly on writing, research, organizational, and teaching skills and develop new skills in technical writing, distance learning management, and sales team support.

Before joining V&A, I have been working remotely from home for the past three years and find it a very efficient way to manage my time and deliver quality performance. The time that would otherwise go into commuting to and from the office is dedicated instead to professional development and healthy lifestyle. Interaction with V&A team members is done through a variety of simple-to-use technical tools (Skype, Webex, Basecamp), and we meet in Kyiv on a bi-monthly basis to coordinate our work. In the first few weeks of working with V&A, my understanding of IT jobs and recruiting industry was radically transformed, and I’m becoming a more efficient user of technology myself just by being a part of an IT Recruiting company. I am sure your career with V&A will be a fulfilling experience!

Irina Rebrova, Senior Staff Recruiter / Team Leader:

Working with V&A gives me great career opportunities; it’s a great start of my career, and for those who are looking for something stable this can be a career for life. What I like is that there are many growth possibilities inside the company. You can start in one position, and in a year you’ll be in a different position. We see talents; the talent is moving up the career ladder, and you can establish a ‘career for life.’ I also like working from home very much.

There are tons of other smaller things, like practicing your English on a regular basis and working on the American market which is very different from the Ukrainian one and gives you great experience. The commission system lets you see that you are in control of what you’re making. It gives people a very good push to know that the paycheck depends on their work. It gives you that warm feeling inside that you earned your paycheck.

Natasha Yeng, Staff Recruiter:

I came to V&A without knowing anything about recruiting or at least about how it is done in the U.S. What I brought in from the very beginning were my communication skills, my positive attitude and desire to succeed. Other than that, all the things that I know now I learned on the job, from our trainers and my Team Leader. I had no idea about the IT industry when I joined, so I had a lot to learn and I’m constantly learning. Just today I got a new requirement listing IT skills that I was not familiar with!

Working in this company, it’s impossible to rest on your laurels: you’re constantly getting better and evolving. I know that the beginning is quite scary for almost everyone; sometimes it’s just scary to dial that number and talk to a candidate. Once you realize that you’re the person who’s connecting candidates to their potential employers, you also begin to see the job as very awarding. Just recently I placed a candidate in his home town, and he was happy since relocation would have impacted his family unity negatively. It feels nice to know that I was helpful. Of course we’re not doing this for charity: we’re getting well-paid for the hard work that we do. I’ve been working in different places in Ukraine and working very hard, making little and not being appreciated. At V&A, you can see the results of your work in placements, in bonuses and commissions. For me this is very important: not because of the money itself, but because I can see that my input counts. And this makes me work even harder, become better, and reach higher goals.

In this job it’s very important to be well-organized and plan your day to be productive; you have to plan your day, set the goals for yourself and then do your best to reach them. Then there’s nothing that can stop you from making placements and being successful in this job!

Mike Varco, Staff Recruiter:

I’ve been with the company for 9 months now, and I joined while still being a student. First, you can start here without any experience; you get training and mentoring and learn everything you’ll need for the job with the V&A trainers. The team is great and very friendly. I’ve only been to one in-person Company meeting, but after a few hours we were all like one team. In this company you can grow; I’ve been a Sourcer for 8.5 months, and two weeks ago I became a Recruiter.

I have a background in Computer Engineering, and it was very helpful for this work, but I know a lot of people here don’t have computer-related education, and it’s not a problem because we have solid trainings. When I was still a Sourcer, my Recruiter taught me a lot about the job and demonstrated how to do certain tasks. To be a recruiter, one has to be a hard worker. Working from home is great, especially in winter, and you don’t have to dress up and go to the office every day. My schedule works fine for me: I can get good sleep and do the things I need to do in the first part of the day.

Mila Suprun, Staff Recruiter:

I joined V&A in August 2011 after returning from Uzbekistan where I had worked for 3 years. I started looking for a job right away and got interested in this company immediately because I had experience working with American companies. In the beginning I was not sure if the schedule and telecommuting would work for me and I didn’t know much about the Recruiting industry. Now I can say that this is a unique experience because it helps to challenge yourself, see what you can do, and how you can organize yourself.

I’m currently working as a Recruiter, and I was promoted to this position from Junior Recruiter in December 2011. It took me about a month to get accustomed to working from home and to plan my own work, but I definitely see more positive things to it. In the first part of the day, when I’m not working, I manage to do many more things than I would have managed had I worked on a standard, morning-to-evening schedule, getting home at 7PM. So I can do some sports, go shopping, go to the bank or have an appointment with a doctor. It’s also good in terms of saving on transportation and lunches. I was especially happy to be working from home this winter when it was so freezing outside. The key advantage of working independently is that I can organize and prioritize my work. And it’s great that we have company meetings several times a year so we can all meet and talk.

I like to always be open-minded, and it’s a skill that is very helpful in this job. In this position, I definitely developed time-management and self-organization skills; I also improved in communicating with candidates which helps me in personal life, too. As I mentioned before, open-mindedness is essential. I’ve had some tough months without placements, but what keeps me going is the trust: I trust the company and see the great results that other guys have.

John Freeman, Sourcer:

I started working at V&A in July 2012. I like that I can work at home and I don’t need to waste my time on dressing up and commuting to the office. To work, I only need Internet access and a computer, so I can work and travel as well. There are career growth possibilities here, and friendly coworkers.

I was hired while still working on my Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering. I didn’t know anything about Recruiting before starting this job, but I was studying hard during the training, trying to benefit as much as possible from what our trainer had for us. The training gave me all the information I need for this job. When I have a work-related question, I can always ask a Team Leader, and if my own solution is not right, it’s OK; they will correct the mistakes and help choosing the right one.

I enjoy working with computers, surfing the Internet, and installing new apps and upgrades. All this helped in searching databases and working with employment resources.

Olga Polishuk, Staff Recruiter:

I have been working with V&A for a year now. I started as a Sourcer and got a couple of promotions to Sourcing Manager and then Recruiter. What I liked most all this time was how the management itself identified and promoted talent here. All the people who got promoted actually earned promotions with their persistence, attitude and result orientation. In my V&A experience, I have hardly ever felt in a comfort zone for a lengthy period of time in terms of job tasks which is good because with each new promotion I grew professionally and personally. Self-esteem goes up when you achieve a new level, and you know that it is appreciated by the company. With the Recruiting itself, it’s kind of hard if you’re a process-oriented and not a result-oriented person. There’s certainly a danger of becoming process-oriented because you’re busy calling Candidates every day and you may not have that many responses on a particular day. But we’re here to produce results, and basically a Recruiter is the primary employee to deliver those results.

Working from home can have its distractions and positive aspects; here when you have a question you have time to do your own research before actually going and asking a co-worker, so this makes for more effective work productivity and on-the-job learning. Still we interact effectively: we have our team sessions and individual sessions with our Team Leaders. I can reach out to whomever in the company and have a casual conversation on work-related issues.

Marie Elias, Sourcer:

I have been with the V&A for a month already, working as a Sourcer. I graduated this year with a major in the English and French languages and had no previous knowledge of recruiting, but after the initial trainings that the company provided everything became clear. I am working with a Recruiter now who guides me through all the requirements that we have, checks and gives her recommendations; I’ve learned a lot so far and continue learning every day.

V&A values the people who are working here; if the managers value the employees, then the Sourcers and Recruiters value their Candidates and we respect each other. It’s extremely important. V&A offers great career growth opportunities and benefits: you start as a Sourcer and the rest depends on you. The best part is that nobody is standing behind telling you what to do; there are plenty of opportunities to succeed, but of course there are certain simple rules which you have to follow. It’s a remote job, so it gives you a chance to travel and manage your own time, no need to spend your time in a hot office or waste your valuable time in traffic. All you need is self-discipline.

There’s a great training in the beginning, but still once the job starts, you’re not left alone - everybody’s helping and showing you how to do things. Everybody’s very open-minded, and there’re many opportunities to learn. The staffing management is very friendly; the whole discipline during the work is quite positive: people just know what they are doing, no pressure at all. During the in-person meeting I was very surprised by how friendly and open-minded everyone was, including the owner of the company. The trainers invest so much into the new people; they want them to succeed. So I am doing all I can to meet those expectations.

Olga Vilk, Sourcer:

During all the time with V&A I’m always positively encouraged in my day-to-day operations. My work has not only given me a good background in sourcing and recruiting, but also an opportunity to develop my leadership skills and to partner with a group of very diverse colleagues who are dedicated, passionate individuals, committed to providing the best quality service in the industry, even in the most difficult times. These interactions have given me an appreciation for teamwork in the business world.

Natalie Maloney, Staff Recruiter:

Right from my start with V&A, I’ve been experiencing constant challenges which contribute to my personal development, improvement, learning, motivation and career growth.

The Company encourages me to move forward for achieving goals and getting the results. Being surrounded by a friendly and always ready-to-help team, my work days are more pleasant and easier. I adore my work and I am lucky to be a part of V&A team!

Megan Sidler, Sourcer:

I’ve never worked as a Recruiter, as most of the people in V&A as far as I see. I’ve been teaching English, and I have a degree in Translation. So when I heard that there is a job which is connected with the language and is not concentrated on the language only, I was really interested. It was pretty new for me; I didn’t know how recruiting works and I thought I’d need some really special knowledge or be good at psychology or something like this. But when I found out that there are trainers who teach you everything – everything – step-by-step, I was really happy.

In the very first few weeks, it was pretty difficult, even after the training. Now I’m in my 4th week; I feel so much better. The recruiter I’m working with mentions that I have some progress and I really love it. When we first got productivity goals, my first question was, “Is it really possible?” But now I see that the things I was supposed to do by this point, I’m actually doing them. I had to work, I had to study; sometimes I worked overtime, but still I loved it. The team is awesome; on my first day everybody was helping me. You can ask anybody; everybody will respond and help you. Coming to this company makes you feel quite weird because you’re not expecting such attitude from people.

Julia Piliavskaya, HR Assistant:

I am a Data Analyst at V&A. This is a good working environment, friendly and helpful people to work with, a lot of opportunities to grow, learn new things and become a professional.

I find many advantages about the schedule as I have more free time in the mornings. I don’t have commuting time to get to the office; there are fewer people at the stores, gym and other institutions. Besides I have an opportunity to travel and I am not attached to one place.