Why Us?

Working with us means much more than just earning an income. It is an enriching experience with numerous benefits, including:

American Corporate Culture

When you join us, you will be working in a highly ambitious, goal-oriented, friendly and fun environment that is characteristic of an American corporate culture. This will give you a unique experience working for a U.S. company without leaving Ukraine!

Career growth opportunities

Since 2005, many talented Ukrainian individuals have built their careers with us. There is no limit as to how far your individual initiative and hard work can take you. Our managerial team is comprised of people who have once started as recruiters and made their way all the way up to Team Leaders, Managers, and Vice-Presidents.

Constant training and new learning opportunities

V&A is committed to the continuous improvement of all its team members through many activities, including training. Each newly-hired employee undergoes extensive job-specific training, including overview of the company structure, our industry, our mission, values, and expectations. Twice a year we hold all-staff meetings that include all V&A employees and usually last 4-5 days. V&A pays for the travel, lodging, food and activities. We believe that continuous skills improvement is a fundamental part of your growth and retention in our Company.

Professional Development

Desire for continuous learning and improvement is one of the factors we take into consideration when hiring people for our team. Willingness to learn is also a pre-requisite for your personal success, and the success of the company. When you join our team, you should expect every day of your job to be new and educational. We are always on our toes, keeping an open heart and mind to new industry trends, business models, process optimization techniques, and ways of doing business in general. We support our employees’ professional growth and encourage everyone to take advantage of professional development opportunities available to them. These include not only company events, but also participation in webinars, special training programs, etc.

Flexible work hours

Most of our Ukrainian employees work 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Florida time (3:00 pm-midnight Kyiv time). However, we truly are a 24/7 operation, as we have staff allocated to work on weekends, as well as 8:00-5:00 pm Kyiv time. Most of our employees enjoy the flexibility of working online. It allows people to change apartments, move from city to city, travel - whatever your circumstances may be, you are in control – your job follows you where you go, not vice versa.

Competitive compensation

We offer competitive compensation that includes the base salary (where the starting salary is subject to adjustment based on individual performance), interest earned on placements, bonuses, etc. Remuneration is always paid on time in U.S. dollars via the bank transfer.


In addition to your monthly salary, we offer a paid vacation (typically, 2 weeks), paid sick and personal days off, gym and medical insurance programs, charity programs, extensive library of books in English, and corporate events.